Silly Scenes has almost one thousand novelty templates for your digital photos.
SAMPLE: Upload a photo, choose a template overlay and our site will combine the 2 to compose a Silly Scene! Over 750 overlay templates to choose from, all free to use. Your photo and the overlay are merged after you insert your picture and ready for free download.

Here you can upload a digital photo and then select a funny overlay template to create a silly scene of your own! 100% free service (please donate if you find useful). Once your image is uploaded, you can try it out in any template without reuploading every time (uploaded files are deleted after 3 hours), you can even use your photo on all our web based photo manipulation tools. You can save a created image and put it in another template (for example, you could create the above sample generated image and then put it on a fake magazine cover so you would have President Obama Barack and Bill Gates teleconferencing on the cover of say TIME and then add some text with spoof news headline like "Your Name Tutors Bill Gates").
Browse the fun templates and silly scenes.

These are PNG overlays with a transparent area left blank for you to insert (uploaded images) your digital photographs. This server does the merging and manipulations of the templates with your photos, all you have to do is download your creations.

These are free online image tools, please donate if you can help out.
Such a wide variety of templates, it can be over whelming (will eventually categorize them) as there is almost 50 pages of templates to go through, so we created a search page (try search single non-plural words like "Halloween", "birthday", "baby", "love", etc). I would suggest just browsing through the whole lot of pages some day just to see what's all available (great time killer when you have some free time or bored at work/school). Everything from sci-fi fantasy to real life scenarios with famous people where you can insert your own photo and be part of the fun/action!

Great way to make fun of the boss (principal, teachers, etc) or play a gag on a friend and make it look like you did something you never did. Mash-up some graphics for you blog or create some embellishments for digital scrapbooking. Over 750 photo overlay templates to use online.

Free image widgets HERE.